Warm Christmas Postcards 暖かい クリスマス 葉書

¥100 ¥90



Warm Christmas Postcards (1-50 cards) 暖かい クリスマス 葉書 (1-50枚)

Japan shipping: ¥300* (FREE for orders above ¥990)
Worldwide shipping: EMS service 2500¥ 2-4 days
Size: 100mm x 148mm
Art by Kimberlee Aliasgar (Trinidad and Tobago)
 *I use Acceptance Recorded Mail through JP Post for fast, reliable delivery.
サイズ:105mm x 148mm
アート: キンバリー・アリアズガー(国トリニダード・トバゴ)

The cards are printed on beautiful high quality Matt Coated 220kg weight paper in full CMYK colour.

This unit “kg of paper” is used to express paper weight or density when a stack of 1000 sheets is weighed.
This glossless coated paper is pre-treated on only its front side. It is popular for its graceful texture and shiny whiteness, and is used for artwork, postcards, and photographs.

Proudly made in Japan!

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